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posted at Friday, 1 March 2019
So what do i do after office, or maybe in a weekend? Hmm ... Chances are you will find me making random products that I think is are really cool.
I love photography, and photographers among our community tends to share photos in Facebook groups. Which is not appropriate in many ways, to reckon:
  • Professionals doesn't feel comfort sharing photos in Facebook, as a result so many good work lives in the unknown.
  • Photos tends to be easily misused by people when it is on Facebook.
With that being said I have the idea of making!

The day I launched ChobiHut (March, 2017)
Here I will go and share the technical details glued by little stories.

To make ChobiHut possible all alone by me, I have chosen Laravel because it will be going to be my hobby project, it needed to be done quickly and something that works!

It don't have to be super fast, which is something that we can achieve using client libraries like react or vue but for this project this client libraries seems to be over kill.
So, I have used Laravel's blade templating throughout the site.

I quickly realized that hosting all the photographs on the same server will cause issues and it wont scale if it needed to be, so I chosen Amazon S3 for image hosting.

As I am using DigitalOcean droplet I needed to choose some 3rd party email service providers for mail purposes, and I've decided to use Amazon SES.

Later on I've realized that the laravels notification was not perfect as it was not real time so I wrote a node.js project where it acts as a 3rd party bridge in order to deliver live notifications to all logged in users. It is using and express.js to deliver the socket connection.
I could have done that using Pusher and PubNub but making a Node-PHP bridge taught me a lot!

I've also used Vue for rendering critical DOM manipulations for example the notifications dropdown!

Thats a quick overview of how completed this project. I used to work on this project after office and in the weekend and thats why it took a whooping year to complete it. I've learned a lot while working on this project.