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posted at Wednesday, 5 July 2017

After so many trials and error, finally here is the steps to install node opencv !

My environment is Ubuntu 14.04 windows on bash, but i can confirm that it will also work on Ubuntu 16.04 (i have tested).

  1. Install Image Magic

    sudo apt-get install imagemagick

    Please note that i needed to install libmagickwand-dev with imagemagic in my ubuntu 14.04 machine.
  2. Now install OpenCV

    Installing opencv might be a pain in the butt, but not actually. Presenting you the most easiest way to install opencv.
    Note that we will install opencv 2.4.13 because node-opencv has better support of this version for opencv.

    First, install ZIP and UNZIP

    sudo apt-get install zip unzip

    Then, clone this gist


    then, install using sh command like this,

    sudo sh

    This would install OpenCV in your system, please give this some time.
  3. Now lets install node-opencv

    First, clone the git repository somewhere,

    git clone

    Then, go to that directory,

    cd node-opencv
    npm install

    Once installation is completed then do this,

    sudo npm install opencv -g

    This will help you fight against errors while working with other node projects that requires node-opencv.
If you made this far then you have node opencv up and running ^_^