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posted at Monday, 24 July 2017
deploying an iOS app to a connected iPhone

How messed up my desk is 😣  however, in this article I will explain how to build and deploy an Ionic 3 app to a connected iPhone. Things gonna be easy! ☕️

🤜  Create an Ionic 3 project
ionic start myapp
🤜  Install iOS deploy
sudo npm install -g ios-deploy --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root
Note here that i had to add some flags, but it is totally Okay thing and add the sudo.
🤜  Now from your project directory navigate to platforms -> ios directory.

Here you will find a xCode project file, like this: yourAppName.xcodeproj (double click on this file to open xCode for this project)
🤜  Connect your iPhone with the USB or whatever port you might have with your Mac
🤜  Go to xCode, and choose iPhone from the toolbar (i guess) take a look at the photo below

🤜  On the Bundle Identifier under General tab, give it some unique name. For example: if your name is Tim then this would be 
🤜  Then select your Team, if you don't have one create one.
🤜  You need to trust your developer account on your iPhone 😬  To do that go to
Settings > General > Device Management
Here a developer app should have been shown already, click on that and click on the button with a positive label (eg. Yes/Apply/Trust) 😁
🤜  Then click on the play button in your xCode.

🤜  Count from 3 to 0
🤜  The build should be succeed
🤜  Your app is now in your device

Done! 😱

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