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posted at Friday, 12 May 2017
React Native is a great choice for building native cross platform apps, mainly iOS and Android though Microsoft also working on a fork of React Native called react-native-windows for building native UWP and WPF apps with React.


This article is not going to be a how to tutorial, instead i'm just exhibiting my app and the progress.
Not sure when I would complete and release the app, here is some design progress.

The app i am developing is using Firebase so all the features are realtime. Firebase is another cool stuff, makes life so enjoyable.

Both Android and iOS design below,

Login Screen

The login and creating new account is fully functional and real time.

Sign Up Screen

Dashboard Screen

Dashboard is still empty and all the buttons above are not functional yet.
It also has some other components, like chat component and a floating action bar. I have plan to make the floating action bar component to a open source project for React Native.

Finally, i am loving React Native. It has some weird cases of deprecating its core components but yes i know thats for the better.

Hope i have the time to complete the app, one day :)